Exceptionally Helpful and Knowledgeable

Fr. Eamon Kennedy

Parish Priest
St. Columba's Parish

I have the privilege of knowing Tim as my IT solutions person and a good friend. Tim has assisted me for more than ten years with running websites which I have been involved with. In all the time I have known Tim, he has shown himself to be exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable in his field of work.

During the time when I was Vocations Director for the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, Tim was indispensable in helping me keep the vocations website running and he was always very prompt to troubleshoot and resolve any website issues.

Tim is a great listener and has a good feel for what I need in my work. He listens to my ideas and always comes up with the best working solution based on his wide experience. He is very generous with his time and talent, often spending many hours to update and modernise my websites. Tim has demonstrated great creativity when helping me to create “Vocations” posters which are still being used today.

Tim has continued to assist me when I moved to the parishes in Rotorua and still continues to provide his services in my current parish in Frankton, Hamilton. He has a great sense of loyalty to his clients and takes great pride in seeing each job completed and done well.

I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who wants to use his services.

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