SEO: Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Tracking

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Tracking

$10.00 per 50 keywords

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What gets measured gets improved.

Peter Drucker

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps you to rank higher on search engines like Google than your competitiors and allow your customers to find you. 

A key SEO strategy is to consistently track search engine keywords to see how your website is ranking on search engines like Google. Only then, you can make a systematic, data-driven effort at improving SEO for all relevant keywords.


SEO Ranking Dashboard

Track SEO Keywords

Choose keywords to analyse and track by country, region, or city, and monitor the real rankings on Google search engines.

SEO Ranking Competitors

Spy on your Competitors

Make sure to stay ahead of your competition by tracking your SEO keywords across your competitor websites, too.

Daily Update

Track search engine rankings for each keyword on a daily basis.

Keyword Suggestions

Get suggestions on which keyword to track, so as not to miss out on SEO opportunities.

Check on your Website

Check the ranking from your own website – we install the dashboard on your WordPress site.


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Client Testimonials

Always Willing to Help

Tim is always willing to help when difficulties arise and answers any questions quickly and concisely.

Thanks to Tim’s SEO

Recently I was contacted with a great gig offer, just through a general Google search. I have Tim's SEO to thank for that.

100% recommend – Definite Increase in Sales

We have noticed a definite increase on a yearly basis, in our sales. We would 100% recommend Tim to any future clients.
Brendan Kaufman
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Quality and Efficiency

I am happy to recommend Tim' services to those who care about quality and efficiency. I am very happy on the work he did for me on my website.
Fr. Antoine Thomas
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Bringing in New Leads Daily

Tim took our old tired website and bought it right up to date with great results. It is bringing in new leads daily and we get great comments from our customers about it.
Jason McFarlane
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Exceptionally Helpful and Knowledgeable

Tim has assisted me for more than ten years with running websites. In all the time I have known Tim, he has shown himself to be exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable in his field of work.
Fr. Eamon Kennedy
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A Pro and a Real Pleasure to Work with

He's a pro and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

Thoroughly Satisfied

I have had dealings with Tim for over 20 years and have been thoroughly satisfied with the work he has done for [us] over this time.
Melda Townsley
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